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Bryant 'Bam' Leon

I am a multi-disciplinary designer who has been hands on with design for about 9 years. I primarily work across the areas of design, direction, and strategy producing innovative solutions to everyday design problems. As of late most of my work has revolved around art and creative direction as it applies to UI/UX, Print, and digital design.

I’ve worked with a multitude of brands and clients in the industries of fashion, entertainment, tech, social media, e-commerce, retail, sports, marketing and advertising. I have served a consultant and creative strategist helping to create, maintain, and execute creative campaigns and project across multiple forms of media. I have been able to work across areas of Branding, Digital Media, Print, UI/UX, Motion Graphics, Apparel and Footwear Design. Aside from design, I’ve worked as an on air personality achieving over 100,000 views on youtube reviewing footwear, information on releases, as well as industry news.


Batch 1-2

As a creative and artist, my focus is to use design and art as a tool to create solutions to every day problems. Whether I am working on the ui for an app or painting on a canvas, I see the visual aspect as a way for connection and expression. It is a way to challenge thought, perspective, and expression. I have worked as both a freelancer and full-time creative which has taught me many lessons as far as my industry, my own personal talents, goals, and growth. It has helped become a fast learner who is well organized, versatile, and well versed in the software and techniques I use everyday.

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