Case Study


24: OURS Creative Studios acts as an innovation hub for black and brown creatives to plant a seed and watch it grow. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year. For the trailblazers. The innovators. The real movers and shakers in the city. Shoot that lookbook. Host the pop-up. Produce the web series. Launch the podcast. Build your empire. For a night. A week. A few hours. Don’t worry, we got you. I had the opportunity to work with 24:ours to create a small presentation deck that would serve as a tool for promotion and information about the Brand and for those interested in working with the brand. I was tasked with creating the layout for the deck, adding in content, and creating a direction that would be visually stimulating and true to the brand. I was able to create a direction based upon 24:ours website, instagram page and content, as well as the imagery provided for this deck. I wanted to create a deck that really called upon the creative spirit, the studio space, and nightlife as it pertains to events. There were no real hurdles to this project which isn’t necessarily unheard of but very rare. I worked directly with the companies founder Goldie Harrison for review, revisions, and feedback. All in all this deck took about 4 days to complete with minor changes on the cover and some images in the interior of the deck.
  • RoleArt Director
  • TasksDesign, Layout, Direction
  • Client24:Ours
  • ToolsKeynote
  • 8

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