Deadstock is the premier home for the sneaker community. Founded in 2016 and based in Seattle, WA, Deadstock is a curated community of sneaker lovers near and far. Though you can sell and buy sneakers, at Deadstock is focused on the collections and culture that make this community great. Whether you’re looking to see some of the rarest sneakers from around the world, or simply show off your closet collection, Deadstock is for you. Along with the latest insight and content of the industry, Deadstock is the digital location for all sneaker-heads.
About the Project

Deadstock Redesign

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Deadstock to redesign its current app for android and additionally its new app for the iOS platform. I worked with the brand to develop new interfaces for user profile, sign up pages, commerce, messaging, settings, and user journeys through sign up, profile editing, purchasing items, and uploading items to stores or profile.

User Profiles & Feeds

The redesign of the user profile takes inspiration from Instagram, Linkedin, and the sneaker marketplace GOAT. I wanted to create layouts that looked completely different from what we are used to seeing via social media. Using large headers for profile images and a 2×2 grid, my focus was to increase visibility of both the user and the users sneakers. Community plays a big role in the Deadstock world and I wanted the profile to champion interaction. Below are screenshots of the User profile sections as well as profile feeds.


Buying, selling, and trading are key to Deadstock and its users. These Redesigns of the commerce portion of the app follow the same formula as the user profiles with a few adjustments to better suit selling or buying products.

Messaging & Chat

While messaging was already a feature on the platform, chat was a new integration that Deadstock wanted to implement upon a new release of its app. I did a complete redesign on this section to create a clean and straightforward design for basic communication.
  • RoleArt Director, UI Designer
  • ClientDeadstock
  • TasksUI Redesign
  • ToolsPhotoshop, Sketch
  • 47

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