Reverie Drive

“Philly local producers Dilemma, JoeLogic and Gee have teamed up with singer/songwriter Modesty Lycan on a new collab, Reverie Drive. Their debut self titled EP blends the sounds of electro, indie rock, pop and hip hop – making it apparent that each member and their unique background had an equal influence on the final product.”

In 2016, I received an opportunity to design the official album artwork for “Reverie Drive” for the collective of the same name. I worked closely with the Dilemma to create the visuals associated with the project. Dilemma expressed that he followed my design page via instagram and loved the style of my abstract work. He wanted something that was abstract in feeling but very concrete in it’s imagery. The image I worked to create was derived from an image of a contemporary house on a lake. Ironically I created the digital abstraction of the image, coloring, and effects using a few tools via my iPhone. I then brought the images into photoshop and worked to add text on the front cover that showcased the title and artists associated with the project. The original scope of the project was to create just a front cover for general promotion but I took the project a bit further by creating a track-listing so that the group could handle additional visual needs for streaming websites and physical copies. Reverie Drive was available via Spotfiy and Soundcloud but as of today links to the project are unavailable. 

Later in the year, Dilemma contacted me once more to create something special for a song he produced titled “Get On The Floor”. This song is mix of afrotrap and afrobeat and contains high energy. Dilemma was looking for visuals that captured the energy of the track, its roots from African music, as well as a more abstract aesthetic. I worked to create an image that focused on tribal patterns and patterns of animal furs you’d see roaming the grasslands in Africa. We went through a few design round with this graphic as many of my initial concepts were on par but we wanted to make sure we had the right fit. This artwork was created using the same techniques as the Reverie Drive project and later brought into photoshop for text additions, coloring, and additional manipulation. The final production version is showcased below on the left side while the conceptual versions are located on the bottom right.

  • RoleArt Director
  • ClientDilemma
  • ToolsPhotoshop, Noiseless, Fragment
  • 8