Grass Routes Podcast is a weekly podcast highlighting the stories and opinions of influencers. Each episode sheds a light on their thoughts, feelings and personal stories that allow viewers to understand who they are and their grassroots. This podcast is hosted by both Brandon killabh Hall and Erin Ashley Simon.

Grassroutes Podcast

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Its been a little over 2 years and we've achieved so much success. Here's some of the work I've done for the brand.
Branding &


Before I became apart of the Podcast, Grass routes already had a simple logo. It was the name Grass Routes Podcast in three overlapping squares. I worked to simplify this idea by changing the typeface and writing Grass Routes Podcast in a medium, heavy, and medium weight combination in a singular squircle shape. We primarily use this logo for all digital and video assets and an alternate version that features a double squircle ring is used on apparel. Aside from the logo redesign, I have also designed a small stationery package which consists of business cards, letterheads, and envelopes. Plans to expand upon stationery are in the works, but we are currently holding off until it is necessary to develop the full version.

Social media

Social media is a massive aspect of the Grass Routes brand. We utilize Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to premiere, promote, and create fan engagement with all of our episodes. I worked to develop a unified system for all of these networks to help us better tackle episode releases. Below you will see our digital branding system that helps promote, photos, videos, audio and more via our social networks. My task was to create designs that they’ll share as squares or rectangles that featured episode information as well as details on the podcast and where to hear and watch.

Motion & Video

We put much work into our video production, and Youtube is one of our premier outlets to showcase our episodes. I’ve worked to design various covers for our videos. Currently, we use three different versions. We use a standard version which highlights the episode numbers, guest and episode title, as well as topics. There is a stylized version which features some freehand graphics for more prominent guests which graphics that fit that guest. Lastly, there is a cover photo for highlighted moments from portions of the episodes.


Our most recent project was selling clothing to our fans. I worked to design two t-shirts that would serve as our first apparel designs. Our part of the family shirts are for our loyal supporters and serves as a thank you to each one of them. The second design is a basic tee that features the redesigned logo.


Our most recent efforts have landed us a few partnerships and deals. Part of these great new opportunities meant designing a media deck for brands and sponsors alike to get familiar with us as well as our progress as a podcast.