A True Talent

Joie Kathos

Born, Jordan Shannon, and hailing from West Philadelphia, Ms. Kathos has been performing since the age of 3, and started her career as a full-time dancer while attending the Creative and Performing Arts High School of Philadelphia. She wrote raps and made beats in her free time, but during the day she trained in all styles of dance including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, and broadway. Her dance skills opened up opportunities for her to perform all around the country, but as time went on Joie grew more passionate about the art of music and attended University of New Haven for Music and Sound Recording, and began crafting herself as a lyricist, writer, and producer.

I had the opportunity to design the album and single artwork for Joie’s CHWM project. I was tasked with creating a visual for the 6 track project as well as creating artwork for each of the songs. The design that features a cube composed of the songs from the project constructed wtih the graphics made for each song. As far as the design aesthetic Joie wanted something that felt some what futuristic, abstract, and attractive on the eye. Since each track is technically the single and 5 remixes I work to create a visual that could be used across all with just slight adjustments for color. This kept all of the images cohesive but different enough to stand alone in their own right. For this project I also drew inspiration from the cover artwork used for Soulection Radio.

  • RoleArt Director
  • ClientJoie Kathos
  • TaskDesign & Art Direction
  • ToolsPhotoshop
  • 8

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